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About Us

Stanley's Mangos is a retail mango farm located on sunny Pine Island, Florida. We are a family owned company with a passion for fruit. Each and every mango we grow is hand picked and inspected by an experienced member of our team.  


Bill O’Malley founded Stanley’s Mangos in 2012, realizing a long held dream of returning to his farming roots. Located on Pine Island, near Fort Myers Florida, our 10,000 mango trees enjoy 266 days of sunshine in the temperate climate of the southern Gulf coast of Florida, ripening our fruit to perfection from June through September each year. Today Stanley’s Mangos is a family run business dedicated to growing and selling the best tasting varieties of mangos in the U.S.

Biting into a Stanley’s mango gives you a burst of flavor sweet with delicate hints of valencia orange, coconut cream, lemon zest .... A total of 11 varieties are available for shipment to your door, anywhere in the United States (except California, Alaska and Hawaii). Our shipments are guaranteed. Fruit is ready to ship between June and September.

We can ship a single box of mangos (small or large), send along a gift of mangos to friends, family or businesses, or ship regularly (autoshipped) right to your door. Or you can pick up your mangos at our farm in Bokeelia on Pine Island.

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